Granblue Fantasy: Piano Collection Piano Solo(Advanced) Sheet Music Book

Granblue Fantasy: Piano Collection Piano Solo(Advanced) Sheet Music Book

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  • Instrument:Piano Solo
  • Skill Level:Advanced
  • Language:Japanese
  • Media:Book
  • Page number:88 pages
  • Published date:2016/9/30
  • ISBN13:9784636934304
  • Arranger:Cygames
Song List
  1. Main Theme - Granblue Fantasy
  2. The First Wind(Hajimari no kaze) - Granblue Fantasy
  3. Port Breeze Archipelago -Sleeping Place of the Great Wing-(Port Breeze guntou - Ooinaru tsubasa nemuru chi-) - Granblue Fantasy
  4. Triumphal Return(Gaisen) - Granblue Fantasy
  5. Battle 1 - Granblue Fantasy
  6. Auguste Archipelago -Cascade of White Foam-(Auguste rettou -Shiraawa no bakufu-) - Granblue Fantasy
  7. Lumacee Archipelago -Mysterious Forest-(Lumacee shotou - Shinpi no mori-) - Granblue Fantasy
  8. Pleasant Talk(Kandan) - Granblue Fantasy
  9. Encounter with the Supreme Ruler Fallen from the Sky(Ten ni chirishi hasya tono kaikou) - Granblue Fantasy
  10. Tramonto Island -Distortion of Logic(Tramonto shima - Ri no waikyoku -) - Granblue Fantasy
  11. Yggdrasil Magna - Granblue Fantasy
  12. Amartya Island -Symbol of Order-(Amartya tou -Chitsujyo no shoutyou-) - Granblue Fantasy
  13. A Distant Journey, Soaring on the Warfront(Haruka naru tabiji Amagakeru sensen) - Granblue Fantasy
  14. Neigh to the Whole Sky(Manten ni inanaku) - Granblue Fantasy
  15. Blue Sky(Heki kuu) - Granblue Fantasy
  16. The 22 Apostles(22 no shito) - Granblue Fantasy

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